What Our Students Have to Say

Dual credit classes have crazy-amazing hands-on experiences that you just don’t get in other classes.

In this class, there’s something new everyday.

I’m more involved in my dual credit classes because I know that my investment in this class points directly toward my future. Because I’m interested in my future career, I’m more motivated in this class.

I like how this class allows me to work at my own pace. I can do the projects for this class at home or in the classroom and I like having that freedom. I think this is why college will be more fun than high school.

In dual credit you get two things done at the same time: you get to be independent and choose to take a class that allows you to explore your interests while also getting your high school credit.

I like knowing that I’m saving money by taking a college class while in high school. I’m hoping to avoid debt as much as possible.

Dual credit classes give us an introduction to the expectations of college courses. And we get to experience our first taste of college in a class of 30, not 300.